Weight Management

Your Breakfast Is More Important Than You Think

Mornings are notorious for being rushed, stressful, and altogether chaotic. In an effort to get out the door before morning rush hour, how many times have you neglected to make and eat breakfast? If you’re like most Americans, you skip breakfast on a regular basis. This is a bad habit to develop for many different reasons. Breakfast is more important to your overall wellness and tampa weight loss goals than you might realize!

When you skip breakfast, you actually throw of your body’s entire rhythm of fasting and eating. You prevent the processes that restore the blood sugar your body needs to support your muscles and brain. You also stunt your metabolism, which means your body won’t burn calories as effectively throughout the day. If that wasn’t enough, skipping breakfast also deprives you of the energy you need to tackle your daily routine. The following heart-healthy breakfast ideas will help you add breakfast into your morning without too much hassle.

Opt For Oatmeal

Oats can be paired with other powerful health foods like cinnamon and walnuts to make a delicious and healthy meal. Combine chopped apple, walnuts, cinnamon, cooked oats, and ground flaxseed together. Not only will you feel full until snack or lunch, but your body will also benefit. Oats are proven to lower cholesterol, cinnamon is known to stabilize blood sugar, and walnuts are a natural source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

All About Avocado

Avocado has become trendy for a good reason; not only is it proven to lower cholesterol, but avocado is also loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients. People often try Tampa Botox treatments with avocado for added effect. Try spreading soft avocado over 100 percent whole grain bread, which has been shown in studies to reduce mortality from heart disease. Breakfast preparation for this meal couldn’t be simpler, but it will help you feel full until it’s time for a healthy mid-morning snack.

Buckwheat For Breakfast

Buckwheat isn’t as common of a breakfast item, but it’s still worth adding to your rotation. Buckwheat groats are gluten-free seeds with a robust flavor. It cooks similar to oatmeal and provides plenty of fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to keep your heart happy. Buckwheat even is believed to lower inflammation and cholesterol. Prep your buckwheat at night by letting it sit in a bowl of water, then add ingredients like milk, banana, and vanilla to make it tasty.

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How Should You Manage Your Cholesterol?

High cholesterol is no joking matter, but it can be frustrating and challenging to determine the best way to achieve a healthier cholesterol level. Considering that more than 100 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol, understanding and pursuing an effective plan of action is critical. We recommend speaking with your local Bradenton cardiologist to explain your options and path forward.
Manage Your Cholesterol

A Brief Introduction to Cholesterol
We have all heard of cholesterol, but few people can actually explain exactly what it is and how it functions. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that your liver produces and circulates through the blood. However, cholesterol can also be found in many foods like animal meat and dairy, and these dietary cholesterol sources cause the liver to produce even more cholesterol.

This is a bad combination, because too much cholesterol starts forming plaque—just like the type your dentist scrapes off of your teeth—in the artery wall. The more cholesterol sitting in your arteries, the harder it is for blood to pass through. When blood flow becomes severely restricted or blocked, strokes, heart attacks, and other tragic conditions occur.

The Best Ways to Control Cholesterol
Contrary to popular opinion, maintaining a healthy cholesterol level isn’t too difficult once you commit to smarter eating and exercising habits. There are many strategies to keep cholesterol down without relying upon medication with dangerous side effects.

First, stop eating trans fat. All other types of fat have their benefits, especially mono- and polyunsaturated, but trans fat should be avoided at all costs since it has been found to significantly raise cholesterol levels. Try eating less cholesterol overall by cutting out milk, cheese, and high-cholesterol meats, then replace those with foods known to battle unwanted cholesterol like oatmeal, apples, beans, salmon, nuts, olive oil. For many people, simply removing high-cholesterol foods doesn’t do enough; you need to feed your body cholesterol-fighting nutrients as well.

Next, try to add more movement into your daily routine. That doesn’t mean you need to hit the treadmill, but aim for 20 or 30 minutes of movement every day, whether it is walking around the block, browsing shoes at the mall, gardening, or using a stationary bike.

Lastly, stock up on omega-3 supplements. If the concept of a “fish oil” makes you wrinkle your nose, don’t worry; you can actually buy fish oil supplements in smoothie consistency that legitimately taste like dessert. Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acid is an excellent final way to push your body to beat high cholesterol.

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