Hair Down There: Try Brazilian Laser Hair Reduction

The bikini area is one of the most difficult and frustrating for hair removal and upkeep, especially during swimsuit season. Living in Florida, it’s swimsuit season nearly all year round! This makes bikini area hair removal even more important to your comfort and confidence. Rather than worry about the razor burn, ingrown hairs, and stubble associated with daily shaving, why not try a different method? Laser hair reduction is the most efficient and long-lasting non-invasive form of hair removal, especially if you opt for a Brazilian!

What is the Brazilian Treatment?
You’ve most likely heard of a Brazilian wax, and Brazilian laser hair removal tampa reduction accomplishes the same goals in a different and more effective way. Unlike the bikini line treatment that only removes hair within three inches of the panty line, the Brazilian removes all signs of hair from the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.

Why Splurge For a Brazilian?

Think about how fresh you feel after showering and shaving to achieve totally smooth and silky skin. Now imagine being able to maintain that feeling all day, everyday, regardless of your showering schedule or razor brand. A Brazilian laser hair reduction treatment helps you feel confident in all of the clothes and lingerie you wear, it eliminates all need for shaving and waxing, and it helps you feel totally comfortable in  your own skin.

Ladies aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a Brazilian. “Manscaping” has become a common grooming technique as more and more men seek to remove their pubic hair. The Brazilian laser hair reduction treatment is perfect for men seeking long-lasting and customized results.

How Does It Work?

Lasers work by sending a powerful beam of light into each hair. When the laser’s light is absorbed by each hair’s pigment, it damages the follicle extensively and prevents future growth. The results can last years. When hair does begin to grow back, it is significantly reduced and not nearly as noticeable. Most patients only need a few touch-up treatments to ensure their results permanently!

Whether it’s winter or summer, a Brazilian laser hair reduction treatment is the perfect addition to your grooming routine.

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