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How Should You Manage Your Cholesterol?

High cholesterol is no joking matter, but it can be frustrating and challenging to determine the best way to achieve a healthier cholesterol level. Considering that more than 100 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol, understanding and pursuing an effective plan of action is critical. We recommend speaking with your local Bradenton cardiologist to explain your options and path forward.
Manage Your Cholesterol

A Brief Introduction to Cholesterol
We have all heard of cholesterol, but few people can actually explain exactly what it is and how it functions. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that your liver produces and circulates through the blood. However, cholesterol can also be found in many foods like animal meat and dairy, and these dietary cholesterol sources cause the liver to produce even more cholesterol.

This is a bad combination, because too much cholesterol starts forming plaque—just like the type your dentist scrapes off of your teeth—in the artery wall. The more cholesterol sitting in your arteries, the harder it is for blood to pass through. When blood flow becomes severely restricted or blocked, strokes, heart attacks, and other tragic conditions occur.

The Best Ways to Control Cholesterol
Contrary to popular opinion, maintaining a healthy cholesterol level isn’t too difficult once you commit to smarter eating and exercising habits. There are many strategies to keep cholesterol down without relying upon medication with dangerous side effects.

First, stop eating trans fat. All other types of fat have their benefits, especially mono- and polyunsaturated, but trans fat should be avoided at all costs since it has been found to significantly raise cholesterol levels. Try eating less cholesterol overall by cutting out milk, cheese, and high-cholesterol meats, then replace those with foods known to battle unwanted cholesterol like oatmeal, apples, beans, salmon, nuts, olive oil. For many people, simply removing high-cholesterol foods doesn’t do enough; you need to feed your body cholesterol-fighting nutrients as well.

Next, try to add more movement into your daily routine. That doesn’t mean you need to hit the treadmill, but aim for 20 or 30 minutes of movement every day, whether it is walking around the block, browsing shoes at the mall, gardening, or using a stationary bike.

Lastly, stock up on omega-3 supplements. If the concept of a “fish oil” makes you wrinkle your nose, don’t worry; you can actually buy fish oil supplements in smoothie consistency that legitimately taste like dessert. Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acid is an excellent final way to push your body to beat high cholesterol.

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Easy Tips to Improve your Health

The Director of Stanford University, Mr. Wes Alles PhD says that “The most powerful tool for improving our health is prevention”. But people still resist in taking prevention and knowingly start to damage their bodies. One should always be cautious about his or her mental and physical health because for a perfect and long life span you need to be health from both physically and mentally. Being healthy keeps you way far away from all the harmful diseases and keeps your body energetic all the time to complete any task given or to meet any emergency.

By a proper research and analyzing all the facts and figures we have been able to produce some of the ways, by which one can improve his/her health. These ways are simple and can be opted by any one of us and it has been seen that this has worked on the people who have followed it practically in their life.

Tips to Improve your Health:


  1. Exercise on daily basis or increase your activity level –

Regular exercise or exercise on daily basis helps our body to be strong and free from the disease. It has been proven practically that people doing exercise daily or has an active work schedule, possess a very health and disease free life time. The simplest form of complete body exercise is either to walk or to do cycling, these both results in lowering the risk of heart attacks, many types of cancers and also work effectively against diabetes.


  1. Maintaining an Ideal Weight of the body –
    Obesity has become the root cause of many diseases and more over the rate of obesity has increased over the past decade worldwide. One of the main things which are the main cause of obesity is unhealthy diet and excess of junk food. These two factors plays the main role in making a normal fit person into an unhealthy full of disease body. So one should always be particular about his diet and try to keep the body weight constant at ideal situation.


  1. Get timely all the vaccinations and take your bodies screening on equal intervals –

One should be very possessive regarding the perfect vaccination of the body at the needed time. The proper vaccination of the body works as the shield against all the diseases and viruses which tries to harm the body. The vaccinations improve the power of our immune system and taking proper screenings of the body at regular intervals will help you to keep a regular check over the body’s capability and deficiencies, so you can easily help yourself by removing all the deficiencies and get an optimum healthy lifestyle.


  1. Quit Smoking

If you have indulged yourself in the habit of smoking then you need to quit at the earliest moment possible. Smoking really kills and more over it is extremely hazardous to once health. Smoking is the root cause of many forms of cancers which develop in our body; it contains not only harmful chemicals and gases but also poisonous and killing substances which slowly gradually starts damaging our body from inside. So you need to quit smoking to have a better and longer life span.

Surprising Uses of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is taking the world by storm, and it’s really no wonder when you consider how many conditions it is now used to resolve. From sports injuries and dental surgery to cosmetic enhancement, is there anything PRP can’t do?

What Is PRP?
The blood naturally contains platelets that not only clot any skin wounds but also contain growth factors that help the body rejuvenate itself in any instances of injury or strain. PRP is a simple process of increasing the concentration of blood platelets within a certain amount of plasma in order to boost the body’s ability to heal.

It’s a surprisingly easy process in which a patient’s blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge processes the blood, increases the platelet concentration, and the blood is then re-injected into the patient’s body to be harnessed for injury recovery. Since only the patient’s very own blood is used, this procedure poses no risk of infection or rejection, which is a unique safety feature not often found in medical treatments.

PRP in Cosmetics
Cosmetically, Clearwater PRP treatments are best known for its ability to enhance the skin’s rejuvenation. This means it can basically supercharge the skin to heal problems it can’t on its own, including unwanted features like wrinkles, loose skin, volume and collagen loss, acne scarring, and rosacea.

The PRP helps new collagen and blood vessels grow, thus improving the skin’s overall tone, texture, and hydration as well. Cosmetic problems can fade, and results can last as long as a few years. Since the procedure is so simple, repeat appointments can occur without any complications. This is similar to Juvederm clearwater procedures which do similar things.

PRP in Other Medical Applications
PRP has also become a major element of regenerative medicine thanks to its use in musculoskeletal and orthopedic treatments. Tendons, muscles, bones, and cartilage have all proved responsive to injections of PRP, which means that PRP can potentially be used to treat osteoarthritis, bone fractures, and painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and muscle injuries.

Dentists and oral surgeons are even using PRP doctors to accelerate the healing of dental implant procedures, repair bones, and limit the risk of infection during surgery.

As technology continues to advance, there is no doubt that PRP will become more and more useful.